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  1. Introduction to Agile/Scrum

    This course will provide you with everything you need to know about Agile with a focus on Scrum. Included will be discussions of the major events such as Daily Standup, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective. There are also learning assessment quizzes after many of the modules. 

  2. Project Management Fundamentals

    This course teaches you how to be a project manager.  You will learn project management fundamentals and best practices using PMI Methodology and PMBOK Standards.  This class will teach you how to build the project charter and the project management plan.  You will learn how to build the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), the Network Diagram and the Project Schedule.  You will also learn how to close a contract and close a project, establish lessons learned and customer satisfaction processes.

  3. PMP Mock Exam Simulator

    PMP Mock Exam Simulator 2021

    This exam simulation course is formatted to help prepare you for the PMP exam based on the current Content Outline.

  4. Project Risk: Understanding and Dealing with Project Uncertainty

    Uncertainty, whether it is a risk that will hurt your project or an opportunity that makes your job easier, is everywhere. Often it is hidden, and sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Without enhancing potential opportunities you are overlooking additional project value. This course is a practical view of what teams must do to identify and manage uncertainty. It includes assessing possible risks and opportunities, their impact, and their complexity. It also discusses numerous forms of mitigation and political challenges.